General infos about this site

The content of this site has been inspired by RPG campaigns since 1988. The funny sentences (the "Oups") have been gathered by miscellaneous players. Many thanks to all of them !

I want to address special thanks to Have a look at one of his homepages for his contribution to some texts.

Our main RPG references are:

Copyright notice for this site

All the signed texts are copyright © of their authors. They may not be downloaded, used, reproduced without their authorization.

All the non-signed texts as well as some pictures do belong to me. Those may be used freely as long as they are not modified and the source is clearly specified.

Some pictures are copyright © JPayne 1997. Please refer to the Copyright Notice of "The Graphic Station" for more details about their use, formerly at: Note: this site has disappeared after the Geocities community has been discontinued on Oct 26, 2009 and I have not found back any new site for this author. I will keep the copyright notice as it was asked by the author.

This site is using PHP scripts provided by Free PHP scripts from

Some RPG stuff (like description of weapons or spells) is, of course, linked to copyrighted stuff. I think the way I use them, e.g. when quoting spell names, is not considered as being forbidden.

As far as I now, no other material shown on this site is protected or owned by anybody. If any stuff here is copyrighted and I am unaware of it please inform me and it will be removed upon request.

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